You Know You Are Sick When...

Where's mom's chicken soup when I need it? Where's mom's chicken soup when I need it?

Ann ? March 5, 2006


. . . when you are 53 years old and you wish your mom were here even though she couldn?t do much more than anyone else can right now.  It?s just when I was little and would have an asthma attack, it was my mom?s calm assurance that I would breathe again normally that would relax me.


Twenty-five years later found me reassuring Ben, our youngest son, of the same thing.  He had so much harder a battle with this disease from about the age of 3 ? 15.  But he has pretty much outgrown it.  And I thought I had too, until a few weeks ago,


It started with my chest tightening and then a tight cough every once in awhile but after 2 days of that I was on the downhill slope and after a round of Russian antibiotics, 3 bottles of cough syrup I make it to the Russian clinic to be diagnosed with asthma and pneumonia. 


So I am on another round of antibiotics and a steroid inhaler and 2 more bottles of cough syrup.  I am trying to rest a lot, sleep when I can but it?s not easy when you lay down you start coughing.  I?ve tried to study some but my eyes don?t hold out.  So I am listening to the CD tapes of the lessons to give me some hope that I won?t fall too much further behind.  I?ve already missed 6 days of classes and that is probably the most discouraging part of this whole thing.


Robert has been awesome.  He?s got his plate full with school and this past week East-West leadership was in town and so he had extra meetings for that.  Then he comes home to me to nurse, cook, clean, encourage.  Bless his heart, he needs a vacation and I need healing!


God is with us when things are looking good and He is with us when the way is rough.  Please pray that I can use this time to focus on my God and the fact that He is with me.  Mom has done her job.  She?s in heaven enjoying the fellowship of the saints.  But her love and her memory remain.  Robert?s chili just doesn?t compare to her chicken soup at times like these.


But I am so thankful for the parternship in life, love and ministry with Robert.  We are so grateful for your prayers.