Why Orphan Ministry?

Sometimes a hug is all you have for them.  Sometimes it's enough. Sometimes a hug is all you have for them. Sometimes it's enough.

The mission of East-West Ministries International, our sending agency, is:
"To Evangelize and Equip Nationals to Establish Grace-Oriented Churches"

Orphan ministry is a small part of East-West's overall mission, but a significant part of what a "Grace-Oriented" church is all about. 

East-West is involved opening windows of hope for orphans in various parts of the world.  In the context of this work, defined in the epistle of James as "pure and undefiled religion", we are also seeing many other aspects of the East-West mission accomplished.  People are being evangelized, nationals are being trained and discipled, and grace-oriented churches are being established. 

In Russia we're coming alongside Russian Christians, assisting the developing church to reach out into the community with a desperately needed message of hope.  

In another part of the Middle East, East-West is helping provide buildings for two orphanages, assisting local believers in ministering to the "least of these". 

In Africa, East-West is assisting Christian refugees reach out to the thousands of homeless children running the streets of the refugee camps. 

Additionally, East-West has responded with teams to minister to street children in the Far East and wherever God is opening doors to open windows of hope.  God is already beginning to raise up young men and women from among the world's orphans, to become the future missionaries to many of the unreached people groups that are part of our East-West mission objectives. 

As we focus more intently in the next few years on mentoring the teenagers who are "graduating" the Russian orphanages, it is our vision that some of these young people hear the call to "GO" and become part of a mighty force to carry the message of hope to the growing numbers of orphans in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  What better recruit base exists for young missionaries to the world's community of orphans, than the thousands of Russian orphans for whom a window of hope has already opened.