Voronezh May '04 Trip Report

The WHOLE MINISTRY TEAM, Russians and Americans, pose for a final photo op at the Voronezh train station. The WHOLE MINISTRY TEAM, Russians and Americans, pose for a final photo op at the Voronezh train station.

They Are All Precious In His Sight

Visiting in the Orphanages

For the past three years in Voronezh we have concentrated on doing camp ministry with Gennadiy Petrov and his group of Russian counselors.  However, this year we were ready to take a team back to some of the orphanages in the Voronezh region and do a program and visit with all of the children as well as connect with teachers and staff that we don?t normally see at camp.  What a blessing it was.


Ten Gals and a Guy

Robert and I led 9 American women, 8 of which were from our church, Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas.  These ladies have been involved in ministry to the orphans in various ways over the past years by supporting financially or collecting humanitarian aid.  What a privilege it was for Robert and I to have them meet so many of these kids that they have directly helped.  It was like a little taste of heaven.


I Hope You Dance . . .

Another extra bonus for this trip (we always have great surprises that are not on our ?agenda? when we come to Russia!) was having lunch and fellowship with a group which ministers to a group of parents and kids with disabilities.  We had a short program of music, stories and clown for them and then they performed for us.


Antone, a young man with Down?s syndrome, approximately 16- 17years old performed a beautiful waltz as his father stood on the side calling out the steps to him.  The father was so full of pride for his son.  What a picture of God?s love for us as He calls us to dance and encourages us in our steps no matter how awkward they are to others.  May we trust Him as Antone trusts his father.

They are Not Alone
As I reviewed my pictures and thought about our visit this time to the four different orphanages, the trade school dorm for teen girls, the Down?s syndrome ministry and all the fellowship we had with the Russian team I realized something.  When it was time to leave, the good-byes were not as tearful as they use to be.  Maybe it?s because the children are learning they truly aren?t forgotten.  Over the years there have been thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of prayers offered up for these children.  Since 1996 Gennadiy Petrov and his team, with the help of East-West Ministries, continue to return to the orphanages, host camps and bring in humanitarian aid.  Every once in awhile Robert and I get the privilege of bringing an American team to partner with the Russian Christians who have a love for these kids and for Jesus.  Maybe they truly are learning the truth of Hebrews 13:5 when Jesus says, ?I will never leave you or forsake you.?


Please join us as we pray that truth for each child who has been left alone, no matter what country, what situation.  They are ALL precious in His sight!

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