Update on Our Health

Ann ? August 15, 2006


When you get to be over 50 (I won?t say how much over 50!) you find yourself being asked more and more about your health.  Of course many people had extra concern for me over my battle with pneumonia and asthma which seemed to last forever the second semester of school.  We do appreciate the concern AND prayers.  Here?s the update as of August:



By the time I returned to the States in June I had a roaring sinus infection.  I saw a pulmonologist several times who had me do 2 different CAT scans on my sinus?s thinking I was a good candidate for surgery.  Sinusitis can trigger asthma but in my case this past year, my problems seemed to start in the lungs and work themselves up to the sinus.  Oh well, after 2 rounds of antibiotics the 2nd scan showed a clear sinus and I escaped ?the knife?.   Thank you Lord.  I would really like to avoid that surgery, if at all possible.


The pneumonia is completely gone and I was still ?rattling? a little with the asthma.  However, by the time we left Dallas at the end of July I was able to drop breathing treatments 2x a day and just take an inhaler.  That is so much more convenient and seems to be working well.  Also we can get the inhaler, Advair, here in Russia at a much cheaper price.  Thank you Lord!


However . . . we had no sooner landed in Krasnodar than congestion in my sinus began again.  This area, because of its location and climate, is known for a lot of allergies and unfortunately I am one of the ones that seem to be affected.  Robert?s allergies have actually improved since we got to Russia.  Go figure.  So, I just take allergy medication when I need it and a Saline nose spray and pray for the best.  (Would appreciate your prayers in that as well)



Robert had a complete check-up and blood work while we were in Dallas, provided by a friend and supporter, Dr. Stephen Gist, an excellent internist. Robert was very impressed with the attention, care, and thoroughness of the exam.  It showed that the high cholesterol Robert has had historically, had gotten even higher, so he was put on a cholesterol medication.  The examination also confirmed the assessment by a cardiologist at the Agape Clinic in Moscow, who had put Robert on blood pressure medication last spring.  Dr. Gist increased the blood pressure meds, as well as started him on medication for a low thyroid.


Dr. Gist also suggested Robert see a dermatologist to examine a spot on his cheek we had been watching for several months.  They did a biopsy which came back positive for basil cell carcinoma.  This is a slow growing kind of skin cancer and we caught it early and the doctor did surgery to remove it.  Robert had the stitches out the day before we left to come home.  The scar seems to be healing well.


Two days before we were to leave for Russia Robert came down with a flu-like infection that really laid him low for a couple days.  There is never a good time to get sick but when you are trying to wrap up paper work, say your good-byes to family and friends AND get out of the country it?s really not a good time.


At the same time, our family dog Sadie, who lived with Aaron this past year and has now moved in with Ben, ended up at the Vet for two days, seemingly near death. 


Between the Sadie emergency and Robert?s infection, we decided to postpone our departure for a couple days.  Robert rebounded, Sadie pulled through and we were off to Russia.  We got home to Krasnodar on a Saturday evening, slept for 16 hours straight and went to school on Monday morning.  What a whirlwind!

We returned home, both more committed to making our health a priority this year, especially after we both gained weight while in the States eating that good ole Tex Mex!