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Perhaps you'd like information about how to participate in an orphanage ministry team project in the future.  If so, email East-West's Orphanage Ministry Director in the Dallas office about your interest, Vicki Mullins. Her email address is

Or, perhaps you are interested in becoming an ongoing part of Ann and Robert's support team or helping fund GAP ministry post-orphanage projects like Hope House and the You Are Not Alone club.  Please indicate your interest below, with your contact info and we'll try to provide answers to any questions you have.

Checks can be sent directly to the East-West office (address below), but MUST be made payable to EAST-WEST MINISTRIES INT'L. in order to be tax deductible.  Be sure to indicate on the check stub or a separate note, your preference for where you want the funds used, (i.e., "for Russian Orphan Teen Transitional Ministry"or "for the Fuqua's missionary support")

Just indicate in the comment box below, the nature of your interest and provide us your contact info, before clicking the SUBMIT button.  Try to avoid hitting the ENTER key until you've entered all information.  To move between fields, use the mouse or the TAB key.  Then use the SUBMIT button to complete the session.

If sending contributions to the Dallas office, please send to ATTENTION ACCOUNTING:

East-West Ministries International

The Hope Center

2001 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 3000

Plano, Texas  75075


And the phone number is:  (972)941-4500

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