Weighing in on the Gay Marriage Conversation

Robert Fuqua on June 26, 2015

This article originally posted June 26th, 2015, the date of the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.  The post may be more relevant today than the day I wrote it.


I generally try to avoid engaging in such conversations.  Not that I feel it’s wrong for Christians to do so, but for me, it’s simply a matter of stewardship.  My time is one of the most precious resources God has given me to steward, and I’ve found social media to be one of the most ruthless thieves of this precious and endangered commodity.  Yet, neither can we as Christians afford to remain silent, as the great deceiver continues his rampage through the world, “so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”  I reference this danger below in my post, while reflecting on the repercussions of the silence of Adam when all of this began.  May we reject this most dangerous passivity, as we steward the precious resources we’ve been given.  Time is certainly one of those, but then has He not also given us social media?  (No, it wasn’t really Zuckerberg.)  May we steward it well.  What follows is my engagement with social media on this topic, beginning the day of the Supreme Court decision, Friday, June 26, 2015.

However hard I may have tried to avoid social media today, the rhetoric is unavoidable. Everywhere you turn Christians are grumbling about the crumbling of our nation’s very foundation and the death of our Christian culture. I beg to differ with you my dear brothers and sisters. What died, what in fact has been crumbling for the past 50 years of our sexual revolution, is our false sense that we’ve been living in a Christian culture, or even a Christian land. I suggest that today’s ‪#‎SCOTUSMarriage decision is perhaps one of the best things to happen to the gospel-believing church in our lifetime. At least it could be, if it shakes us from our complacency as a people mired in the deception of a nominal and cultural Christianity that has placated us into believing we’re relevant because we’re embraced (or were at one time) by our culture. Friends, Christ didn’t establish the institution of the church to be embraced by culture but to be His instrument of transformation. A truly gospel-centered church is a counter-cultural church. But may we not confuse counter-cultural with confrontational. I had the privilege to hear a couple of my heroes of the counter-culture separately address this topic at The Gospel Coalition 2 months ago, Albert Mohler (Southern Seminary) and Russell Moore (ERLC), and I love how two of the most prominent (and yes, ironically) Southern Baptist voices of our day address the LGBT community with such compassion, bathing their speech, not in judgment, but with sincere compassionate concern for human flourishing. You can’t listen to either man speak on this topic for even a few minutes without understanding their belief that a gospel-centered approach to the issue of marriage is based on God’s ultimate concern and provision for human flourishing. Here’s how Russell Moore, more succinctly stated what I’m trying to say, taken from a two-minute video he tweeted today. @drmoore @erlc
“Our churches need to be the places that can receive the refugees from the sexual revolution, those who have been hurt and harmed by it. We can’t do that if we give up the gospel. We can’t do that if we give up what the Bible teaches about marriage and sexuality. And, we can’t do that if we’re angry at our neighbors, screaming at them, rather than loving them.”

Of course, I received many comments to this post, all positive for the most part.  But, eventually the conversation turned to question the idea of compassion toward homosexuals, and to discuss the stance Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has taken against homosexual propoganda used on children in Russia. 

My view of the gospel, meaning the cross that saves me from my own perverse nature, requires me to search within my own despicable heart for compassion, compassion for all people, regardless of the choices they make. And yes, I said 'choice'. If I choose to see the Bible as authoritative I have no other choice but to see this is all about choice. But, the passage that we so often point to in the first chapter of Romans tells us that the choice the unbelieving world is making, is to "exchange the truth about God for a lie..." (vs. 25). This Paul says is precisely why God gave them over to "the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves,... (vs. 24 & the "dishonorable" homosexual passions so clearly elaborated in vs. 26-27). I believe in compassion toward homosexuals, not to align ourselves with European or Western Liberalist values, but in line with gospel values. Putin's laws are not anti-gay as the western world asserts. They are anti-propaganda. Anti-gay is anti-people. If you actually read the Russian laws you see they are not against gay people, but rather against any people who attempt to propagandize Russia's children with the LGBT agenda. We as a country gave up that battle long ago. I for one don't intend to focus my time or energy on trying to end a movement that began more than 50 years ago for our country. But, I do commend Russia for picking the right battle in this war. At the same time, the reality is that we do not fight against principalities or powers. And, this war didn't begin 50 years ago, or even 2,000 years ago in the culture Paul was addressing. It began in the garden, when the very first Robert (the Bible called him Adam) refused to speak up when the great deceiver spoke those now famous words to Eve, "You will not surely die!" Humankind began at that moment to "exchange the truth of God for a lie" and the rest is human history. For this reason, I am trying to choose daily to walk away from human history into His-story. It is the only story that provides for human flourishing. Yes, it's a story about judgment. His judgment. But it's also a story about compassion. The one thing I pray I do not persist in, is the passivity of Adam, which encourages me to stand by and listen silently while the great deceiver twists God's words to mean whatever helps us to feel better about our choices. Because after all, isn't it all about us!?! Isn't it all about our individual freedoms!?! NO. It's not. That may be Western Democracy. But that's not the gospel.

May it not be said of us, “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12)

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