6:00 am of day six...

Ann Fuqua on December 17, 2013

6:00am of Day 6 of our journey at Baylor All-Saints. I just walked into to a beautiful sight. My husband actually sleeping! To God be the glory! Stretched out next to him in the fold-out bed was Ben, of course with his feet hanging way over the edge. I am a very blessed woman who has 2 sons who know how to take care of their Mama when it's needed. Aaron andBen have taken turns spending the nights here w/Robert while I go home and get some rest, despite very full lives. And we've known since the beginning that our DIL, Danielle was the right one for our son. Realizing now she is the right one for us too! Folks - God is good - he is good ALL the time. That certainly doesn't mean circumstances are always good. As one dear friend so succinctly put it - cancer sucks! Romans 8:18 is a Truth that we KNOW in our heart of hearts. (Look it up! Write it on your heart to lean on when you face a giant in your life,)
Robert is improving. May be released today. The pathology report "should" be in today or tomorrow. Thanks for standing with us. Ann & Robert