Robert got home last night...

Ann Fuqua on December 18, 2013

Robert got home last night about 8:30 after 6 days in hospital having surgery for cancer on his tongue (3 of those were in intensive care).
Pathology report from lymph nodes in his neck should be back today or tomorrow.
In the meantime we wait, we pray, we cry, we rejoice, we work on healing from the wound, learn how to live with a trach and feeding tube. (Hopefully those are only temporary). They fitted him with a new trach that allows him to speak now. So many precious moments and stories mixed in with this nightmare that we think we are going to wake up from any minute. We hope in the next few days to transfer our reports from Facebook to our website and share some of those more intimate times. But for now we are trying to recover from the transition from hospital to home with me being the primary caregiver. Robert is the secondary one - he can and does so much for himself. But I just thought we were exhausted in the hospital. Last night was SO hard trying to get him set up with all this gear, re-reading the pages of discharge papers etc. I figure it's going to be like this for the next few days/weeks so please NO visits OR phone calls. Love your emails & texts. Keep em coming! But it may be awhile before we get back to you. Thanks for your understanding, prayers and love. We feel them in very tangible ways!


In the comments to this post, Robert made the following response to an old high school friend. We're including it here to help give some context to what we mean now when we use the word 'home' in the Western context. It also serves to show more clearly the sovereign hand of God acting to provide for us, even before we knew our needs.

Mark, we are in Fort Worth. After living in Russia the past 8 years, we decided last year we needed someplace on this side of the ocean to set up our suitcases and function more normally stateside, believing we needed to spend a larger portion of time here. We sold our house in South Garland last summer that had become a rental property since moving to Russia, & with the equity bought a little fixer-upper in South FW 15 minutes from our youngest son & daughter-in-law (& now grandson too!) What we didn't know at that time was the nature of our need to spend more time here, or the fact that the little house God gave us is 15 minutes from an incredible medical complex. All this elaboration to highlight one of the reasons we are so convinced that this current event in our lives didn't happen while our God was taking a nap!!