God isn't finished with me yet!

Robert Fuqua on December 19, 2013

Fuqua news flash: And it’s great news! It appears God isn’t finished with me yet! That feels so good to say! The pathology from last week’s surgery found no residual malignancy in the additional tissue they took from my tongue, no pathological abnormality in the gland they took from below my jaw, and no tumors seen in the lymph nodes taken. Praise God! I could conclude by this that the first surgery got all the cancer, but we have a PET scan from 4 days after the first surgery, 3 days before the second surgery, that showed abnormalities. Which is why the surgeon took 27 lymph nodes and a gland from that part of my neck for biopsy in the second surgery. So, how do we logically explain what happened? We could say the PET scan was just seeing things and erroneously indicated the cancer may have spread to surrounding tissue and into my chest. But, because God is God, and sits above all logic, and above all medical technology, and guides the hands of the most gifted medical professionals to heal, or in some cases not to, it appears in this case He just decided to heal. And it’s not because we hold some magical prayer powers or incantations and by the strength of our faith can move God’s hand. Sorry folks, but that’s just counter to my theology. I believe God to be all sovereign and totally against His very nature to be manipulated, even by the prayers of man. But at the same time, there are instances in scripture where that very thing happens. His people pray and He moves! He tells us when there are the sick among us, ask for healing. He gives us a ministry of intercession that we embrace as His church as we bear one another’s burdens, a privilege that’s ours in the body of Christ. And in this case, it was our incredible privilege and blessing to feel the prayer support of people beseeching the Throne of God from all over this planet. And I have no other option than to believe that God heard your prayers and for whatever reason in His great sovereign plan decided to heal! Ann and I have felt the power of the presence of your prayers throughout these whirlwind weeks. We can’t express enough the gratitude we feel for you. Thank you, and praise be to God!

Now, what’s next? We have several more doctors visits in the weeks to come, one at the end of December with a thoracic surgeon to consider what should be done about the lymph node behind my breastplate which was highlighted on the PET scan. First indication is they may want to surgically remove that node for biopsy. But I think they’re also planning on doing an additional scan of some kind. Based on what we saw happen this week, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if that spot simply disappears before they can get a closer look. In the meantime, we are trying to manage a difficult home-care regimen while we wait for my body, particularly my tongue to recover from the trauma of the past two surgeries. The last weeks have definitely been physically grueling for Ann and me both, as well as our kids. Both sons have had some illness in their households after making such sacrifices to take turns standing by me while their mom got desperately needed rest. I worry that they took some bug home with them from the hospital. And I’m not handling well the reality of living another couple weeks if not more with a trach for breathing and a tube for feeding. I was so looking forward to our first Christmas with our grandson. Actually I know it’ll be one of the most cherished and special Christmas celebrations our family has experienced. We have SO much to be grateful for. But, the tastes of Christmas will be so different this year. You’d think with what I’ve just gone through, knowing I’ve been delivered from the greater horrors of a brutal disease, that maybe I’d have a better attitude. Pray that I can. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked God to reveal to me the areas of my life that are idols. Especially knowing that my taste buds rank up there pretty high in the constant competition for God’s supremacy in my life. Here’s rejoicing in Him as Healer, and praying that He will indeed become more-and-more my all-in-all! Thanks again!

As many of you know, we made a conscious effort to circle the wagons in close, meaning no calls or even texts, particularly during this past week. We are eager to get to a place where we can lift the ban on contacting us directly. I’m hoping soon my tongue will heal and my trachea adapt to the trach tube, allowing me to carrying on even a short conversation without intense pain. And, as for Ann, since we got home from the hospital it’s clear to me that she needs recovery time as much as I do. Please keep her in your prayers.

For those who’ve asked about sending cards, we’re still committed to leaving personal contact info off social media, but you can get our contact info from our ministry website, www.fuqua.eastwest.org, and click the link for “Contact Us”. We’ll also be posting very soon a summary collection of our recent Facebook posts to the Blog section of our ministry site. — with Ann Krause Fuqua.