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Most of the stories posted at this link, are older stories, much of the information dated and for the most part, irrelevant.  But, since God's power displayed will never be irrelevant, I offer this link for accessing our old blog stories, in the belief that to the extent they represent God's power at work in this ministry, the space allotted them will not be a waste.  

For the more up-to-date blog stories, follow this link to the current Blog-A-Dot Chronicles on this site.Click this link for the most recent BLOG entries.Click this link for the most recent BLOG entries.

"Blog-A-Dot" is actually a Russian word meaning Grace, or abundance.   In our case, we use it here to refer to the stories of His Abundant Grace, as we live out His call on our lives here in Russia.

If you are looking for an article that isn't showing up in this archived list, or the newer Blog-A-Dot Chronicles, it may be that you're having trouble finding it, due to a design flaw of this new site that hasn't been addressed yet.  The link for Blog-A-Dot Chronicles will only bring up the last five (5) articles.  To find more of the more recent posts, you will need to go to the Blog-A-Dot Chronicles link, and scroll to the end of that page, where you will find a link entitled, "show all posts...".  Click that link to see all the more recent blog entries.

Clicking on this link, opened up all the archived stories on the left side of this webpage.  Click any link on the left to read the story.

We originally considered calling the blog section of our website "Stories from the Front", but the implication of that, is that we are serving on the front lines in this ministry.   The reality is that we are working to the rear, and that the actual front lines are where you are, if you are one of our prayer warriors.   That is where the front battle lines are drawn.  This is a spiritual battle in which we are all engaged and ours is simply a mopping up operation, after you our precious prayer warriors, have led the way into this battlefield, fighting on your knees before the throne of Grace. 

Thank you for your sacrificial faithfulness to serve on the front lines.  We pray that in these stories you will witness His Abundant Grace at work and taste in them the sweet fruit of your labors and enjoy the spoils from the victory. 

Not all the stories will seem victorious on the surface.   We know the victory is already His, but sometimes the stench that rises from the battlefield in no way resembles the sweet smell of victory.   Some days WE think the battle is being lost.   Some days WE might even want to wave the white flag.   Some of those days are reflected in these stories, but on the very worst of those days, His Grace is ALWAYS sufficient.   Indeed, it is abundant.   We offer even these stories as a sweet aroma, rising up to the throne as we lay down our lives as a living sacrifice, which is our reasonable service of worship to Him.

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