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We've assembled this page in response to expressed interest in seeing videos about the ministry that we've produced over the years.  Some of our ministry related videos are posted with direct links below.  Many additional videos can be seen at our Vimeo page linked here.

The synopses of the videos we've highlighted below, which we recommend you read before hitting the play button, will give you a deeper understanding of what you'll see, of particular value for those videos that are in Russian.   Enjoy!


His relentless love...

...continues to reach out to Russia's orphans, through camps like this one in Voronezh, Russia. The difference is, the young people ministering to the orphans in this video, were the ones being ministered to in the "Camp Joy" videos posted elsewhere on this site, when we were bringing American teams to minister to Voronezh's orphans, 16 years ago. Furthermore, the kids you see this team ministering to here, weren't even born yet when we were ministering to the members of this team at Camp Joy. Many of you were part of those early teams serving at Camp Joy, or you were responsible for sending us, or donating funds to enable us to host these camps. I hope you're as encouraged as we are to see how the investment you made so many years ago, is continuing to pay such rich dividends. His relentless love goes on and on!!

Soli Deo Gloria 2012 Closing Video

This is the video presentation Sasha edited the last day for the closing session of Soli Deo Gloria 2012 Worship Conference in Moscow. Of course it was a big hit with all those who attended the conference. It was produced by Annie Sander. Most of the photos were contributed and colorized by Galina Berezhnoya & Aaron Bensko. Additional photos, colorization, graphics, effects & video editing by Sasha Meshkov. Music is by Hillsong, the Russian portion by Hillsong Ukraine.

This short video will give you an idea of the nature of what we immersed ourselves in for 8 days in Moscow. It was a huge blessing for Ann & me to get to worship both in Russian and in our heart language of English and to fellowship with Americans again.  But as always, the thing that blesses us the most in bringing our video team to support things like this is seeing how our guys mature both professionally and spiritually.  They're exposed to Christianity on such a bigger scale than what they experience in Voronezh.  But, they also get to work with true professionals and learn how to function in such an environment.  Sasha can crank out videos like this in his sleep.  But working with a producer on this project meant holding his creative craft loosely.  There was a learning curve for him, but I think he met it well and he and Annie turned out a great piece that blessed all who came. I hope this can now be seen by many of those who sent as well and the reach of the blessing will be expanded. 

Great is His faithfulness! A video clip from the opening of Soli Deo Gloria 2012

GREAT is His faithfulness!! Here's a clip from last night's opening of RussiaWorship's Soli Deo Gloria 2012 conference in Moscow. Ann & I are here with three of our guys doing video support again this year for the conference. The guys are doing a great job and their camera work is getting better all the time, as you can see in this clip. Zhenya even directed a segment of the opening session while I took a coffee break. This clip features Tommy Walker leading worship in the opening session. He's published over 100 worship songs in his career to date. One of his vocalist, Linda McCrary-Fisher, from his church in LA is featured on this song. It's a powerful testimony to what is so evident to us as we serve Him here. He IS so faithful!

Summer Orphan Camp Short Version - August 2012

This is a short excerpt from a longer 12 minute version of this video Sasha did for an orphan camp our team did in August for 150 kids, mostly from the Boguchar orphanage. There are many great things about this video, particularly in the long form, but the thing I like most is how this one-minute excerpt highlights the team as they are captured in a rehearsal for the program portion of the camp. You'll also see how far Sasha has come in his shooting and editing skills. Most of his videos are now shot entirely on a Canon DSLR camera. And, as usual this video was shot and edited on site at camp and shown to the kids the last day. Thus, the 12-minute length on the full version. When it features the kids themselves on the big screen, do you think they care how long it is!?! If you ask for it, I'll post the full version too. But, in the meantime enjoy this short sweet taste of the team ministering to orphans. Don't forget many members of this team were themselves reared in the orphanage and now are giving back, reaching out in sacrificial love to kids whose lives and struggles they understand better than anyone.


"Catch the Wave" - 2012 Down Syndrome Camp Ministry

This video by Sasha Meshkov of our MOCT Media team features our ministry team serving in one of the many camps they organized the summer of 2012.  (The video team has produced many more videos at subsequent camps which you can find through links at the bottom of this page.) Most were orphan camps, but this one ministered to children from Voronezh with Down Syndrome and their parents. 2012 was our 12th year to participate in serving these kids through camping ministry. The first one was in the year 2000, when we hosted 12 kids with Down Syndrome and their parents as part of our very first Camp Joy for Orphans. Parents at this year's camp approached us and spoke of the impact and blessing that remains with them from that very first camp. You'll see some of the parents speaking on this video, unfortunately this version is only in Russian, but they speak of how they look forward to this camp every summer, and how they take energy from it which helps them get through the year. The creative team focused the program around a sailor theme. You'll see it in the sets and costuming, as well as in the name of this year's camp, "Catch the Wave". I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



"2012 CCI-Russia Nat'l. Leadership Conference"

Here is the video our team produced to conclude the 2012 Leadership Conference in Moscow of Christian Camping International-Russia. It is a summary wrap-up of the whole week, conceived and edited by Sasha Meshkov, with footage shot by our whole team, myself, Vova Iusov, Zhenya Taranin, and Sasha. Actually, my contributions were very minimal. I shot only some arrival footage on day one, and most everything else you see was shot by Zhenya & Vova. Sasha focused on directing and editing through the course of the week, with a great assist from Zhenya. Vova took charge of working with the program team everyday to gather and prepare everything that went on the screen for the evening meetings. It was our first time to use ProPresenter and he took to it immediately. We were able to integrate song lyrics with motion backgrounds, Russian scripture texts, as well as video playback, to achieve a much more seamless flow to on-screen meeting support than we'd ever experienced before.

The team did several videos each day, working with the program team for the conference, which were part of each evening's general session. This was their third year to support the conference in this capacity with a full week of video support. It is our fourth year to be involved with video support for CCI-Russia, and our 12th year to send a team there for leadership training.

In addition to our video team, which consisted of five of us including Ann and me, we also had 5 other team members from Voronezh participating, including one who worked as an interpreter for a member of the American teaching team.

It was an awesome week! Ann & I were certainly blessed by getting to fellowship with six English-speaking teachers for the conference from the US & Canada. But, we drew the most satisfaction from watching our guys flourish and grow as they were recognized for the gifts and talents they were contributing to enhance the impact of the conference for all those who attended.

Each of our video team members began their journey with Christ at orphan camps that our teams facilitated 10-12 years ago, and now, not only are they serving to inspire Christian camping leaders all over this hemisphere, but they are themselves involved with our local leadership team in Voronezh, doing many camps throughout the year, most of them for younger orphans, recent graduates, or soon-to-be graduates from the orphanages of our region.

As you can see, this video is from 2012, but a related video from the year 2009 is posted later in this playlist and tells more of the story.  Video from latter years can also be found on our Vimeo page, or the other links posted at the beginning and end of this page.

photo With Ben & my nephew Tim on our trip into the mountains of Central Asia.


"Tajik Trip Trailer"

This is actually one of my favorite videos.  Why?  Because I got to shoot it with my son, in the midst of a very meaningful trip for us both.  It's a movie trailer style promotional clip for a mission trip that is yet to materialize.  It focuses on taking the gospel where it's never gone before, into mountain villages in Central Asia.  We drove on narrow mountain roads as far as it was possible, and then some.  Then hiked another half-hour on this particular day to one of the closer of these mountain villages.  Other villages await the arrival of the life-changing Truth.  Pray with us, that in God's perfect timing, we'll be able to go back, and go further.



"Spring Break Orphan Camp – 2010"

This is the video referenced in the article on our website, "Subjected to futility, or reflecting His glory?"  This is the first video our team produced, edited, and presented on-site at camp, entirely on their own. 

Hopefully, this video speaks for itself as far as answering that question. Sasha (from the article) shot this video along with Kolya, and edited at camp, showing it the closing night to all the kids. Of course they loved it!

As you're watching ask yourself, Are they worth it? Is the joy you see on their faces, captured in these moments, worth all the trouble and expense? And, as the article points out, four of the team members serving the kids at this camp are themselves orphans who have been discipled through this ministry.

Sergei Then and Now


"A Glimpse at Lives Transformed" - 2009

This video will make very little sense to you without first reading the synopsis. 

This video was shot and edited by the guys who live with us here at "Hope House". It is at the very least, a glimpse of what transformed lives can look like. The song and original video were done a couple years ago for an organization in Moscow, also focused on orphan ministry. The original version featured collaboration in the studio by several of Russia's top pop artists, interspersed with footage from an orphanage in that region. Here, our guys have created a studio motif in the 3rd floor club room, and lip-synced their own version of the studio session, interspersed with footage of themselves that I had shot over the years, some of the clips dating as far back as 10-15 years ago.

I don't know that anyone will be able to appreciate the depths to which this video affects Ann and me as we watch it. We see these guys now, knowing their struggles, their victories, knowing just a little bit about the dark years in between the shots of them juxtaposed here.  And as I watch, I can't help but wonder, where would they be now, if some people had not cared enough to send us here to walk along side them for awhile?  If we had not been able to open the doors of the "You Are Not Alone Club" in 2004, and see these guys walk back into our lives. 

For all of you who have been part of making this ministry a reality, as you watch this short video you won't understand the words, but please, please receive the message as a sincere and deep-felt song of gratitude for entering into the lives of these guys, and helping open channels through which God's transforming power flows.  Take a glimpse at lives transformed, and know you played a vital role!

For your deeper appreciation of the song, I've posted a rough English translation of the song lyrics on this website at this link.

Day of Joy from Tangle


"Day of Joy"  -  1999  (our original "trademark" video, so to speak)

This is the name the orphans gave to our visits, and by watching the video, you should understand why.  Beginning in 1998, until we moved to Russia in 2005, we lead over 20 teams into the orphanages, bringing a message of hope, that God had a plan, a purpose, and a future for them.  

The last half of this video captured our visit to a remote orphanage for the disabled.  Our time with those kids was one of the most sacred moments any of us on the team have ever experienced.  James 1:27 says, "it's pure religion in the sight of God, to visit orphans"  This is one of those visits.

Camp Girls


"Camp Joy"

It was in the context of this particular Camp Joy for orphans in 2000 and 2001 that many of the orphanage graduates with whom we now work had their first encounter with Christ.  But, sadly for most of them, it took many years until they re-entered a community of believers where the seeds planted began to take root and grow.  Praise God that day did come for many of the kids you see here.  Pray for more to find the fertile soil of Christian community again.  

As always, camp ministry provides some wild times for the teams, especially those we bring from America.  But, regardless of how wild and crazy it may be, lives are transformed.  Kids are coming from darkness into the light.  Once despairing, they're finding hope, and a fullness of joy, unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Sergei and Max at CCI 2009


"CCI-Russia National Leaders Conference"  -  2009

We've been watching for 10 years now, the impact of Christian Camping Int'l-Russia's leadership training on the work here in Voronezh. In 2009, I attended the conference for the first time myself, and took 2 guys from our leadership team with me, Max and Sergei. I was the only westerner, other than some of the speakers, attending the conference, and as I started considering what was going on around me, and what we've observed over these 10 years of sending leaders to CCI, it occurred to me that I held a unique perspective on the impact of the conference that needed to be shared with people in the U.S. who are helping make these conferences happen, especially in these troubled economic times. I had a small HD-DVD camera with me that a friend gave me for Christmas that year, with which I gathered some footage from the conference, and I brought it home to Sasha Meshkov who edited what you see here.

Part of the Skills Development phase of GAP is the creation of a small video business.  Sasha is employed in this business, and this video is a good example of some of the skills he is acquiring.  But, even more, it is a testimony to disciple-making. 

Bush Addresses the Nation


"Even after 9-11, Yet My Redeemer Lives"  -  2001

Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, I was preparing to fly to Colorado to support a conference our mission was hosting there, when instead, I found myself desperately trying to make sense of the shocking events of that morning that shook the entire planet.  Earlier that year, I had stumbled across Nicole C. Mullins song on-line and had a download of it on my computer.  For some reason, that morning her song found its way into my edit timeline, and as I assembled some of those tragic images over the next couple days, juxtaposed on that same timeline, I found that the Nicole Mullins song became for me a resounding testimony, not only to the sovereignty of our Redeemer, but to His resurrected presence in our lives. 

That Sunday, we had more people packed into our church than on any Easter Sunday, before or since.  We showed the video that Sunday and it began to take on a life of its own.  People got video copies of our services, extracted the video clip and began to send it to friends and family all over the country.  By the following Sunday we were getting word of it showing in many other churches across America, and we even heard of a couple of copies ending up in the White House. It blessed us to hear of so many testimonies to how this video, and Nicole C Mullins' song, help put a divine perspective on an otherwise tragic event.

Not all our videos are posted here.  If you didn't find what you were looking for, or just couldn't get enough, you’ll find more on our Vimeo page. 

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