Housing Challenges Faced by Russian Orphans

This 5-minute video details three distinctively different challenges we see many Russian orphans face.  Each of these young men, Alexei, Sasha, and Max, respond to the challenges in different ways, but each share a common struggle, discouragement.  When life seems to be a string of disappointments, betrayed and even victimized by what seems like every adult they've ever known, it can be quite a challenge to learn to trust, to learn to lean into the difficulties life sends their way. 

Take a moment to watch this video about the challenges these young men face, and the challenges we are facing in responding to these needs. 

Please pray for these needs and about what role God might allow you to play in helping meet these needs.  If you feel led to give toward these needs, please access our online giving page to contribute to this crucial need.

Those of you who've followed this work for a while, already know these three men, who Ann and I have had the privilege of walking with them now for many years, since their preteen years.  We've seen them each get knocked down and have the courage to pick themselves up again. I know the hope they have that gives them that courage comes only from learning that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally, and who created them for a purpose.  Though I totally attribute their success in life to their Heavenly Father, I still feel a fatherly pride as I see these three men embracing manhood more courageously every day.  Grateful to see God's heart for the orphan evident in these men's lives.  It's a mighty heart, a compassionate heart, it's a transforming heart. 

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