Hook 'Em Horns

We apologize to our dear OU and Aggie friends.  We know this is just disgusting, but cut us some slack will ya!?!  There are some things about Texas that are just hard to leave behind. We apologize to our dear OU and Aggie friends. We know this is just disgusting, but cut us some slack will ya!?! There are some things about Texas that are just hard to leave behind.

Ann - Spring 2006


Oh it?s the little things . . . well, THE University of Texas (Robert?s alma mater) winning the National Football Championship is not little.  It?s huge!  And what fun we had with that.


The Rose Bowl was played over the Christmas holidays when our sons were here visiting.  They too are big UT fans so we were all hoping to have it ?streamed? to us to watch together, even if it meant it was 4:00am our time.  But things and technology didn?t work out for us to get to see that game.


So we waited . . . with baited breath to have our sons send a DVD of the game.  The only catch was we didn?t want to know the outcome.  American football is one of those ?little things? that we miss the most with living in Russia.  (that and Sonic hamburgers w/ a Dr.Pepper w/crunchy ice!)


We communicated to all our classmates (some of which our Southern California fans) NOT to talk to us about the game.  In fact, when we had a party while our sons were here we had a sign posted outside our door that said NO ONE could enter if they were going talk about the game.  (don?t remember what the threat was, but evidently it was strong enough because people avoided the subject).


It really became kind of funny and maybe a little obsessive.  (anything to relieve culture shock tension! J)  If we would get an email and our eyes would begin to scroll down and we would see any mention of the game we would immediately delete the message.  Most of our family members knew not to write about it until we could actually see it for ourselves.


I think it took about 2 months for the disc to arrive.  However, about 4 days before that delivery Robert walked in on a conversation at school which revealed the winner of the Rose Bowl.  The students who were talking had no idea Robert was in the vicinity and felt bad about it.  But that?s all we knew ? that THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS WERE THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS ? finally ? after many, many years!  (that?s for my OU family/friends that get to have that champion experience a lot more often.  That?s about as humble as I am going to get over this.)


I served popcorn/peanuts, soft drinks and made homemade chili and cornbread in my Texas-shaped pan and we invited our Texas classmates over to go to the football game with us in our apartment.  Robert had rigged a ?big screen TV? using the back of a plastic tablecloth and the 5 of us sat there mesmerized. 


And for any of you saw or cared about that game it was a doozy.  Even though we knew the outcome we were on the edge of our seats because in the end, there was just no way we could see that UT could pull that victory out from under USC.  But we did and the cheers of ?Hook Em Horns!? could be heard throughout Krasnodar that night!  (Okay, maybe not really.  Maybe just our apartment.  But, I'm sure the neighbors wondered.)


Shane in a Sooner sandwich. Shane in a Sooner sandwich.

About 2 months later we received a package from my brother Gary and his wife, Elaine.  A package packed with love and TEXAS.  Gary and his family lived in Germany for several tours while he was in the army and they, of all people know what a blessing ?gifts? from home can be.  Gifts like: Rotelle tomatoes, chili mixes, black eye peas and Oreos (America?s favorite cookie).


And you can see that the shirts we are wearing were also a lot of fun the next day when we wore them to school.  What was fun was one of our classmates, Shane, just happen to have his OU sweatshirt on that day ? really quite by chance.  Thus the pose!

We are almost finished with the Wheaties and plan to put the box cover in a photo album.  Hook Em Horn?s ? We?re #1!  We might not be able to say that again for a very long time.