Home and Healing - a note from Danielle

July 5, 2008


Today is our first day home after 2 incredible weeks in the hospital. It's so good to be home!


I wanted to write this note, just to say a huge thanks to those of you who lifted us up in prayer and interceded on our behalf. This wreck was no accident. God protected us in it, yes, but He had it planned for us. The growth that has come from our recovery is something so precious- He wanted to reveal Himself more to us as our God and King and we are so grateful that He trusted us enough to put us through this rough and painful ordeal. God proved Himself faithful through each and every new happening as the doctors watched my lungs so closely- draining fluid, watching, waiting, putting in a chest tube, watching, waiting, taking out the chest tube, then air around my lungs, oxygen, watching, waiting, now healed! How sweet is He to heal me! He didn't have to.


Anyway, there is so much stored up in me that I don't even know how to communicate- but all I want is for God to be worshiped because He is worthy.


Know that we are home and can't wait to see friendly faces! We love you and pray that God reveals Himself to you- whatever it takes.


Danielle Fuqua


an added note from Robert & Ann:

Thanks to all of you who are holding our kids up in prayer.  Please continue to pray for strength and complete healing for Danielle.  She's been home now for over a week, and continues to heal, but her body is quite zapped of its strength after being through such trauma.  Please pray for her strength to return as He continues to heal and restore.