G.A.P. - A Deeper Look

For a deeper look into the various ministries of GAP, we could suggest a few options.  One, if you've got excess time on your hands (not sure who has that but...) you can peruse the many archived articles by clicking the link on the left entitled, Original Archived Articles.

Of course, if you haven't seen any of our videos yet, you will want to follow the link to the On-Line Video Playlist. Definitely constituting a deeper look.

Or, you may want to peruse the albums in the Photo Gallery.

If you prefer to browse the Gallery in slide show view, you can see the entire collection of photos in one click.  But, you won't necessarily know when you go from one album to another.  The albums all run together in slide show mode, but you should see captions at the top of the frame as they change, and an indication of which album you're watching.  If the captions don't appear, try parking your cursor in the slide show frame.  This seems to be required in the Firefox browser.

The Kids Then & Now Photos