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We welcome your emails.  As much as we pray for the ability to adapt to Russia, we know we will always miss our friends and family from back home.  Keep those cards and letters (and emails) coming!

Email is, and probably will continue to be, the most effective means to contact us.

Ann's email address is:

Robert's email is:

You can still send us regular mail to our office address in the states: (this mail is forwarded to us from time to time)

Robert & Ann Fuqua

East-West Ministries International

The Hope Center

2001 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 3000

Plano, Texas  75075



Or our new physical address in the states is:

Robert & Ann Fuqua

3801 Willomet Ave

Fort Worth, Texas  76133

Feel free to call us in Russia as well.  It's more costly but there are always special discount cards available to save cost. 

Our Russian cell phones are:

Robert    011-7-(920)412-8397

Ann     011-7-(920)442-0467

We now have a PO Box set up in Voronezh for receiving mail, and even packages!  We still would recommend not sending anything of great value or irreplaceable by this means, though we would certainly enjoy a care package from time to time.  Best to email us and let us know to expect it, and while doing so, check with Ann for some content suggestions.

We have provided our mailing address as an image for you to print out and apply as an address label to a package or even a letter. You need to use it as you see it here, with the Russian and English included, Russian on top and English on the bottom.  The Russian post office reads from the top down, as opposed to the US Post which reads from bottom up.

Here are the instructions for printing the mailing "label": 

Click to enlarge address, then Click to enlarge address, then "mouse over" image to bring up PRINT icon.

Click on the "LABEL" to the right and it will open in a larger window.  "MOUSE OVER" (move your cursor) over the larger image and a print symbol should appear.  Click print and there you have it.  Paste it on a package, take it to the post office, affix appropriate postage, and voila!

By the way, if you are mailing anything to us, be sure to NOT include any money.  It usually does not make it.  There is a link on this site for giving on-line, or ministry donations can be made through the "Dallas office" at the Addison address.  Personal mail is handled via Robert's dad at his sister's address in Midlothian (noted above).

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