Clarifying How We Are Funded

Since orphan ministry is not the main focus of the mission of East-West, we do not generally recieve funding from East-West other than funds specifically designated for this particular work by the donors.

The majority of this ministry's financial resources come from individuals who learn of the ministry and are moved in their heart to participate.  Here on the website donors can find a link to donate online, or donations can be given via East-West, with specific donor designation of those funds for this particular work.  More info about this can be found on our Ministry Financial Update page.  As with any tax exempt organization, it’s at the discretion of the board of directors to decide on the placement of those funds, but of course they give preference to the wishes of the donor. 

We are grateful to East-West for the support we receive from the home office to help administer and process donations that come in, and we believe the 10% admin fee they assess to be very reasonable, especially considering the level of services provided by the accounting office in Plano, not to mention the prayer support provided and overall encouragement we’ve always received from our East-West ministry family at the Hope Center.