Ben and Danielle's Wedding

On April 21, 2007 our son, Benjamin Robert Fuqua married Danielle Marie Archibald at Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas.  What a glorious day and evening that was.  The Fuqua?s finally have a girl and we are so grateful for the new daughter God brought into our lives.


Wayne Watson was a popular Christian songwriter and singer when Aaron and Ben were little.  His song, ?Somewhere In the World Today? spoke my heart as a mother of two sons thinking about their futures.  The chorus says:


            ?And I don?t know her name

            But I?m praying for her just the same

            That the Lord will write His name upon her heart.

            Cause somewhere in the course of this life

            A little boy will need a godly wife

            So hold onto Jesus, baby, wherever you are.?


Since they were tiny I have prayed for godly wives for our sons and so to see Danielle before us, a young woman who loves Jesus and loves our Ben is such an amazing thing.


They are two years apart and met at Young Life at South Garland High School.  Ben was a volunteer counselor after he graduated from high school and returned from his year in Moscow and so got to know Danielle and her love for the Lord during her senior year.


It was Joey Turner, their Young Life leader that actually married them in front of approximately 400 supportive witnesses.  The ceremony was simple, elegant and just a whole lot of fun.  And the reception was even more fun with lots of dancing and visiting.


I remember our wedding being one of the happiest days of my life.  How can it not be when every one who is there are people who love you and are happy for you?  Ben and Danielle?s wedding was full of that same joy and worship of the One who brought them together.  We had so many family and friends to help us pull it off ? what a blessing!


Wayne Watson had another song that was played often in our home that Robert always knew he would make a video to some day.  (And he did, it was shown at the reception featuring video of Ben and Danielle growing up.)  The song speaks of how quickly our little boys grow up and ride away, at which point the video shows Ben driving off from our house on his wedding day, superimposed over a shot of him riding his bike, the day the training wheels came off.  (The wheels almost came off of my emotional restraint the moment I saw that shot.)


The last stanza to ?Water Color Ponies? says:


            ?And the vision can get so narrow

            As you view through your tiny world

            And little victories can go by

            With no applause.

            But in the greater evaluation

            As they fly from your nest of love

            May they mount up with wings

            As eagles for His cause.?


That is our prayer for Ben and Danielle and their heart?s desire: to serve God with their lives.  They are off to a great start, touring with the Skitiots, the Christian Improv group Ben has been a part of for four years.  It worked out for Danielle to be able to travel with them and help this summer as they do youth camps and conferences.  (Check out their website if you are interested in learning more:


In the fall Danielle will be attending North Texas University in Denton and is close to finishing her degree in child development.  She is also a very accomplished dancer and performs with the dance company Dance Dallas.  Ben will continue to do Skitiots and some other side jobs to keep the bills paid and plans to continue his studies at Criswell Bible College, once Danielle finishes her degree.


Thank you for your prayers for this couple and for our family.  If you want to see more photo highlights of the wedding check out this LINK to the PHOTO ALBUM on this site.

In the photo album, you can click the slide show feature, (NOT my recommendation) but know that to see the captions you'll have to park the cursor on the photo (strange I know, but that's how they work for some reason.)  If you prefer, (and I ususally do) you can simply double click the first photo and walk yourself through the photos, with the captions beow, and at your own pace.