Ann's Prayer Flash Report

UPDATE - (19 Sept 2007)

  • Elsewhere on this site we have reported that we got a great pathology report yesterday from Ann's doctor.  The report confirms the findings of the pathologists at Ann's surgery, and declares her to be cancer-free!  We are so grateful to God's mighty hand on her throughout this process.
  • We praise God also for improvement Robert's brother-in-law Tom is making in his recovery from prostate cancer surgery.  He's home, eating some now and moving around some.  Continue to remember him and my sister as they journey together toward full recovery.

UPDATE - (13 Sept 2007)

  • Today our prayers are full of praise for what God has done in Ann's healing and the successful surgery He has brought her through.
  • Please remember Robert's brother-in-law, Tom, today.  As reported Tuesday, his surgery seems to have been successful in getting the cancer, but there were complications.  Last night he had to pay a visit to the emergency room, and today his doctor is considering putting him back in the hospital for further evaluation.
  • Please also remember Tom's wife Jeannie, Robert's sister, particularly for God's strength as she walks through this stressful time in support of her husband.

UPDATE - (11 Sept 2007)

  • Robert's home!  Arrived safely last night at 10:30pm
  • Ann's biopsy report didn't come back until today.  Initial results show no cancer in the uterus however, the situation is pre-cancerous.  The doctor was very glad we returned to get the surgery.  (We are too!)
  • The masses that the MRI showed can't be tested until surgery, so keep praying
  • Please pray for our Wednesday as we rest & prepare for early surgery, Thursday, 7:15am.  (We have to be at Presbyterian at 5:30 am!!!)
  • Praise that Tom, Robert's brother-in-law is through his surgery today.  However there were complications and it took 5 hours for a normal 2 1/2 hr surgery.  They think they got all the cancer.  Pray for surgical healing
  • Praise that we could be with Jeannie & family in the waiting room.

UPDATE - (9 Sept 2007)

  • Robert leaves Voronezh tonight on the overnight train at 9:00pm Russia time (12 noon Dallas time).  He will get in Monday night 10:30pm Dallas time.  Hip!  Hip!  Hooray!!!
  • Ludmilla Kotova, our staff worker has agreed to stay in our apartment while we are away & keep the Transition Center running.
  • Robert's brother-in-law, Tom Allen, will undergo prostrate cancer surgery Tuesday (I erronously stated it was Monday earlier) morning in Arlington, so we will be able to be there to support them.
  • Hopefully we will have test results on Monday from the biopsy that was done last week.
  • Ann is experiencing Dallas allergies since arriving.

UPDATE - (6 Sept 2007)

  • This was a very, long day with a procedure in the dr office at 9:00am, plus EKG, chest x-ray, & various other paperwork piles to get me pre-registered for the hysterectomy next Thursday.
  • Mammogram & pap smear came back clear.  Praise God!
  • Pelvic sonogram showed a 2nd, rather large "mass", "tumor", "cyst" - not sure what to call the things - they just shouldn't be there. The Russians missed that one.
  • Doctor is fairly confident that a benign process is what is going on but she's doing "her homework" before surgery so hopefully she won't have many surprises.
  • I am confident that we made the right decision to come home to deal with this.  I love my doctor and her staff!  It just makes a difference when you speak the same language on an issue like this.
  • We are so grateful for the many ways God has made a way for us in this.  ("Blog-A-Dot" section of this website.)
  • I miss Robert terribly but I am being well taken care of by family & friends here.  He will arrive Monday night so that will give us a few days before I go into surgery. 

UPDATE - (updated 4 Sept 2007)

  • Doctor visit went well & lots of questions were answered.  Dr. Freeman really expects to find only a benign process going on when she operates but she is doing "her homework" and scheduling various tests just to be sure.
  • Ann had another songram and mammogram done (Tues) and results will be ready Wed.
  • Dr. Freeman will do an in-office biopsy on Thursday morning
  • Ann's friend and now personal nurse, Becky will be with her again on Thursday for the procedure
  • Becky and her husband, David are providing good food, fellowship and a very comfortable place to stay.  Even Sadie the dog, is looking after her!
  • Ann is tired, mainly from jet lag. Hopefully tomorrow I can write on the "Saga of the Sunflower" story.  Thanks for praying without having many details.  God knows what they are.
  • The hysterectomy scheduled for Thursday morning Sept 13th

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY:  (updated 9 Sept)

  • For the last 12 hours Robert has in Voronezh to pack and do projects at the house.  (doesn't look like the beds are going to be finished but the guys can handle sleeping on couches a little longer if they have to)
  • For safe and restful sleep for Robert on train and plane
  • For the re-uniting of Robert and Ann - this seperation has been  hard but growth producing.
  • For Ludmilla & Sasha Kotov, & Natasha R. as they fill a bigger role in the ministry to the Transition Ctr while Robert & Ann are away.
  • For Vova, Sergei, Zhenya, Kostia, Vitalie = the guys living in the Transition Center.  That they grow in responsibility while Robert is away.  (that's  one of the points of the ministry - to help them develop independence)


  • For Robert as he remains back in Voronezh tying up loose ends with the Transition Center before he joins Ann for the surgery.  He's got alot to do, without Ann's help;
  • Safe & hassle free travels for Robert & rest on train/plane.  He leaves Voronezh Sunday evening and arrives in Dallas Monday evening.
  • For their separation during this time, before and after surgery.  (Once Ann is through surgery and on her way to a speedy recovery, Robert will head back to Russia.  Ann will join him as soon as she can travel.)
  • For Aaron, Ben & Danielle and the many supportive family & friends ? for wisdom on how they can help and peace in the process
  • For Zhenya, Kostia, Vova, Sergei & Vitalie who live in the Transition Center.
    • For suitable reinforcements will be provided to fill in the gaps while the Fuqua?s are away
    • For continued spiritual growth and physical protection
    • For Vova & Sergei (the twins) as they began their college career this week and are finding it challenging
    • For the growth of the post-orphanage transitional ministry ? that God will use this time to strengthen it, not weaken
  • For funds to cover all the extra costs that will be incurred with this "seemingly detour? on their journey (no detour to God!)
  • For the funds to cover several planned expenditures at the Transition Center that had to be accelerated this week, since Robert leaves for America on Sunday to join Ann (washing machine, beds, mattresses, hot water heater)
  • That GOD would get the glory and we keep our eyes on Him, applying Hebrews 12:1-2 to everything.
  • For Tom Allen, Robert's sister's husband, who is undergoing prostate cancer on Tuesday 11 Sept.  For extra strength for Jeannie. 


I thought, as you're giving thanks for all God has done, you might enjoy this poor camera phone picture of Ann waiting in line at the airport in Moscow.  It just serves as a visual representation of ALL God has done for her this week. I thought, as you're giving thanks for all God has done, you might enjoy this poor camera phone picture of Ann waiting in line at the airport in Moscow. It just serves as a visual representation of ALL God has done for her this week.

PRAISE (updated 19 Sept 2007)

  • We are deeply grateful for God's hand on Ann and all the details of this journey we've been on through this surgery.
  • We are incredibly blessed by the way the body of Christ has rallied around us during this time, with all kinds of support, from food, to housing, to transportation, to prayers, to financial provision to cover all the costs. We are humbled and richly blessed by our Great God!
  • We are praising God for the complete healing He has provided and the deliverance from the cancer that seems to have been knocking at the door.
  • We are grateful for how our team is standing in the gap for us back in Voronezh and how God is working in the lives of the kids there.

PRAISE (updated 9 Sept 2007)

  • For the Kotov's who have agreed to move into our flat and keep the Transition Center running
  • For the special time Ann is able to have with her sons and new daughter
  • For a very timely message I heard at Ben's church last night based on 2 Cor 4:7-12 on brokenness
  • For the outpouring of love and support we feel and experience from so many.  Thank you!  Thank God!

PRAISE (updated 6 Sept 2007)

  • He is able!  He is able to handle anything that concerns us today!
  • For the sleep and rest that Ann got on Monday in Dallas after her long sleepless flight home, with a fairly sleepless week preceding it.  She had great fellowship with her friend Becky and spent the evening with our sons at Ben and Danielle's apartment.
  • For Ann's friend Becky, offering to go with her to the doctor.  It means so much to me (Robert) knowing that someone will be standing with her, though I know she never really alone.  Becky's presence is a huge ministry to me here in Voronezh, oceans away
  • For a great doctor in America who makes house calls long distance to Russia!  And then in America takes the time to give me what I need.
  • For a great Russian doctor who was concerned enough to get this ball rolling in the first place!
  • For a place to stay pre and post op!
  • For a car to use!
  • For plane tickets that are paid for!
  • For the prayers and support of people all over the world
  • For the numerous ways in which God is making a way through all of this!
  • For the love of family and friends & people we have not even met who are offering their support in so many ways. You know who you are. More importantly, GOD knows who you are. May you be blessed 100 fold. Thank you!

Thank you God.  Thank you friends, family, the Body of Christ!  We love you!  Thank you for the many ways you show your love for us.