A New Home for the You Are Not Alone club

The right side of this multi-storied duplex is the new home of the The right side of this multi-storied duplex is the new home of the "You Are Not Alone Club"

We marvel at God?s faithful hand of provision for the needs of these, His precious ones.  As we read the scriptures, we can?t avoid seeing how precious they are to Him.  It?s clear in His Word, as it is clear in His actions.  


As you have been reading on this site, the ?You Are Not Alone Club? has been stifled in it?s desire to see the ministry expanded to reach more kids in the Voronezh post-orphanage community of students.  The limited space of the 3-room flat we?ve been renting for club meetings would not allow for the growth that seemed necessary.  


The kids at the club have been praying for the ability to invite other friends they know who desperately need this ministry in their lives.  God heard their prayers and moved on the hearts of His people to respond.


One of those people was a Russian man who we have known for several years now, and have come to love, as we have watched him love and serve these kids.  We first met him when he worked as a counselor in the orphan camps.  We immediately saw how much the kids took to ?Dadya Vova?.  That was their name for him.  It sounds much like our word ?daddy?, but it translates ?uncle? in Russian.  Since that time he has also worked extensively in support of the post-orphanage ministry as well.  


Unfortunately for us, Voronezh lost this servant to God?s children last year, when he was granted refugee status to immigrate to America.  His family suffered religious persecution under communism that has resulted in most of the family now immigrating to America.  (See related story on Alina, our Program Coordinator)  


But, in God?s Great Providence, with our loss of Dadya Vova, came our gain of a facility to house the expansion of the post-orphanage ministry in Voronezh for which we?ve prayed.  (Though ?Vova? is actually an endearing diminutive version of his name, I have opted for the purposes of this story, to use the diminutive version, not out of disrespect, but in respect to his privacy.)  


A few months ago, Vova placed a call from America to his good friends, Ludmila and Sasha Kotov, who serve as the leaders of the ministry in Voronezh, to suggest that his house might be available for rent (at a reduced rate) as a facility for the club.  After prayer, putting it to pencil, more prayer, and consideration by leadership, it seemed clear that this was the hand of God.  


What a dream come true.  For years now, I have dreamed of a house just like Vova?s for housing just such a ministry in Voronezh.  Ann and I have enjoyed rich fellowship in this house a number of times as Vova and his family poured out their rich Russian hospitality on us there.  They even put us up there on more than one occasion when we were in need of a place to sleep.  Several years ago, while visiting Voronezh with an orphan ministry team, I was honored to be their first American visitor there.


A Dream Come True A Dream Come True

The house, a multi-storied duplex, built by Vova and his brother, has been home to several families.  His brother?s family still occupy the left half of the house (black and white portion).  Vova and his wife occupied the first floor (above the garages), and his sons and their families occupied the upper floors.  The last of the families leave for America tomorrow (as this story is being written), and the ?You Are Not Alone Club? moves in next week. 


The first floor will accommodate house parents, and the upper floor will provide for the expanded facilities of the club meetings.  The middle floor will serve as a dormitory for several boys in need of housing, since leaving the orphanage. 


Thanks be to God for this provision for His kids, and this exciting development in the growth of His ministry to the post-orphanage students in Voronezh.  


If you?d like to get a first-hand look at the house and the ministry in Voronezh, perhaps you?ll want to join a team coming to Russia in the near future on an orphan ministry project.  Contact us or our new Director of Orphanage Ministry, Vicki Mullins, in the Dallas office.  Her email address is vmullins@eastwest.org.