"Narnia" - Winter Orphan Camp 2015

The ministry team in Voronezh just pulled off another amazing camp for 60 orphans from 4 orphanages in the region.  Obviously the theme was built around C.S. Lewis' Narnia.  Camp started right after the new year and ended the day after Christmas.  Of course, here in Russia the religious celebration of Christmas is January 7th.  You'll see that theme in the video as well, as Christmas was definitely part of the festivities.

This team consisted of more than 25 volunteers, and as usual, many of them were themselves once orphans who were on the receiving end of the camp ministry.  Now they are giving back.  Four of the five people mentioned in the credits below fit this category.

The video closes with the whole group gathered, shouting, in Russian of course, "Aslan's not dead!  Aslan lives!"


This was another one of the many camp videos done by our MOCTdigital video team in Voronezh, under the direction of Sasha Meshkov.  The videographer was Zhenya Minakov.  You can see more of their videos on our Video Playlist page, our Vimeo site, or the Russian social media page, VK.

Our own Sergei Iusov starred as Aslan on the camp stage, in addition to serving as director of the sports activities.

Narnia sets and make-up were done by Anya Kuznetsova and Katya Simonova.  Both of these girls were featured in the story on this website about "Fruit-Bearing Fruit".